About Us

SolarBreeze Technology. Inc.
SBTI is a renewable energy company that believes in utilizing alternative Solar/Wind energy resources. (C10- #908884)

SBTI Mission

  1. To provide efficent application specific alternative energy solutions to our clients
  2. To provide cost effective solutions & low maintenance energy systems
  3. To help clients in finding finance & rebate incentive
  4. To develop products/solutions (hardware/software) to complement alternative energy systems

SBTI Advantage

  1. Complementary expertise in Solid State Physics, Semiconductor, Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil Engineering, with all required professional & contractor licenses (C10- #908884)
  2. Many years of successful business entrepreneurship experiences and track records
  3. Partnership with successful & reputable companies with complimentary products/services
  4. Expert in managing and building competent teams for complex & large system designs and installations

Our Team

Mahmoud Shahram, Physicist, EE

Founder, President

Mahmoud Shahram, Physicist, EE

Moe funded SolarBreeze Technology Inc. (SBTI) in 2007. He holds MS in Physics from MIT, and BS/MS Physics/EE from Northeastern University. Moe has over 20 publications and several patents. He is a 30 years veteran in the High-Tech and Semiconductor industry with experience both in hardware, software & services.

Max Panahandeh, Ph.D. PE

SBTI Consultant, Advisory Board.

Max has over 25 years of experience in the field of engineering mechanics and bioengineering. His work in the area of smart materials and shape memory alloys has resulted in several research grants from NIH, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFSOR), US Army, NASA Langley and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. He is the author of several peer-reviewed articles related to material modeling of shape memory alloys, design of stents and simulation of smart structures.

His work as a principal investigator for NIH grants involves the development of design tools for next generation cardiovascular devices and prototyping of new self-expanding stents with significant performance improvement by introducing optimized mechanical design parameters. In a research project with the US Army he was the principal investigator for the development of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools for the design of sensors and actuators in closed-loop smart structural systems.

Dr. Panahandeh is currently a principal with Berkeley Applied Science & Engineering, Inc. (BASE) where the development of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools for the design of smart devices and cardiovascular implants are pursued.

Sean Fard, EE, PE

SBTI Consultant, Advisory Board.

Sean has over 36 years of design and construction experience in power distribution, lighting and signal systems. He is licensed in California, Colorado, Oregon and Nevada. Sean is a successful veteran & entrepreneur who founded Fard Engineers, Inc., a consulting engineering firm specializing in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Design. He is currently a principal partner of Fard Engineers. Inc. He leads and manages a team of highly competent and expert engineers in his firm.

Max Saiidnia, ME, PE

SBTI Consultant, Advisory Board.

Max has over 26 years experience in design and construction of HVAC, plumbing and fire protection for public, commercial, light industrial, institutional and educational facilities. He is licensed in California and Colorado. He is a co-founder and a successful entrepreneur who leads and manages a highly expert staff of engineers. He is currently a principal partner at Fard Engineers, Inc.